Happy Holidays from OARS!!

A Jolly Holiday Party

On December 12, the office gathered together for a spectacular holiday celebration. OARS’ employees met for a presentation to review the office’s 2023 progressions and accomplishments before eating a well-catered lunch. Staff members dined on Chinese food, a charcuterie spread, homemade desserts and more to commemorate OARS’ year of immense progress.

Following the celebratory lunch, the OARS staff congregated for a Yankee swap, also known as a ‘White Elephant’ or ‘Dirty Santa’ gift exchange, where employees exchanged recycled, thrifted and handmade gifts. The Yankee swap entailed for employees to draw numbers to pick presents from underneath the office’s tinsel Christmas tree, which they could then potentially trade for another staff member’s gift. Though some people wished for a “dramatic” and theft-filled gift swap, most staff members played nice and opted to keep the gift they received instead of stealing from another employee.

OARS concluded the holiday party at a nearby restaurant. The workday was a fantastic way to end a very successful year at OARS.

Catalina Pinzon (Laboratory Safety Co-op) holding up a painting made by Lina Nguyen (Learning Design & Communications Co-op).

Lorena Altamirano (Biosafety Program Manager) holding an unboxed mug.

Lina Petronino (Learning Design & Communications Work Study) unwrapping a present.

May Hulsman (Building Safety Manager) opening a present next to the tinsel tree.


The OARS team posing for two group photos.

Conor Donovan (Laboratory Safety Specialist II) unboxing a present.

Alec DeSimone (Biosafety Specialist II), Chris Bingel (Radiation Safety Officer), Whitney Hess (Assistant Director & Chemical Hygiene Officer), and Peter Schneider (Senior Consultant) posing for a photo.


Have a safe and happy holiday season from OARS!

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