Visiting Scholars and Students

Hosting visitors in your lab, shop or studio? 

Our safety training requirements and supervision policies are applicable to visiting scholars and students working in Northeastern laboratories, shops, makerspaces or studios.

  • Supervision of visitors must comply with all relevant university policies, safety training requirements and exposure response protocols. Contact your Department Safety Officer for assistance.
  • Principal Investigators or managers sponsoring minors on campus must comply with all policies and complete all requirements as required by Risk Services. Please communicate directly with this office. 
  • Longer-term visitors must be added to the lab group’s profile in SciShield. If they do not have an NU sponsored email account, please read the FAQ below to learn about guest access. Visitors creating sponsored accounts must obtain a NU email address, else they will not be able to access the training platform.
  • Shorter-term visitors must complete the required minimum of safety training as as required by lab activities, consistently wear required minimum PPE, and be continually supervised by competent staff. See below for options to access the training platform.
  • Sponsored accounts: 

Note: Identity management is supported by ITS, not OARS. 


Our visitors will rotate through several labs as observers.(1) How do we determine their training requirements if they aren’t based in a single lab? (2) How do we track their training completion?

(1) Once their access to SciShield is determined (Sponsored accounts or guest accounts), they should complete the Orientation Course and the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety course at a minimum. If they will have indirect exposure to biological materials or radiological materials then they should complete the awareness courses on the SciShield training module.

(2) There are a few options here. (a) OARS can create a SciShield “subgroup” for you to manage their training. Choose this option if a dedicated program administrator can commit to managing this profile or is already familiar with SciShield.  (b) You can track their training in any other platform you are using (e.g. Canvas, other) by assigning these programs and requesting uploads of the certificates.

Our visitor will not be getting a sponsored account. How can they access SciShield to complete training and be added to our group?

In specific circumstances, the OARS team can create a “TEMPORARY” account in SciShield for this purpose. The host must send the following to the OARS Lab Safety team:

  • Participant full name and preferred email address
  • Start date and expiration date of SciShield access

Once this account is created then the host can add this person to the lab group. Guest accounts appear in italics.

NOTE: Guest accounts are not recommended if the individual will be joining the NU community as a student, staff or faculty in the near future. This will result in their training records divided between two accounts. Researchers can contact SciShield support directly to merge these records into a single account if this occurs. OARS cannot perform this task. 

I am the visitor! How do I find out my training and other requirements?

Your host at Northeastern University (PI, Lab Manager, etc)  is the overseer of your safety requirements. Every department has a Department Safety Officer as well. OARS provides general and compliance related safety programs which are assigned as per your lab/shop/studio hazards. All training on lab-specific procedures, protocols, equipment must be provided directly to you by the lab PI or Manager.

I have a Sponsored Account but can’t log into SciShield.

Your sponsored account must include a Northeastern University email address and outlook account. You can’t log onto SciShield without it. Go back into your sponsored account and check off that box. Contact ITS for assistance; OARS doesn’t manage sponsored accounts.

I was told that I was assigned a SciShield “temporary” account, but I can’t find the invite.

Check your spam folder.

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