Introducing OARS and ECOS

Northeastern University’s Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is now the Office of Academic and Research Safety (OARS) and the Environmental Compliance and Occupational Safety office (ECOS).   

What are the specifics of the restructuring? 

Northeastern University is committed to keeping our students, faculty, and staff healthy and safe on and off campus. As part of this commitment, we have realigned the former Office of Environmental Health & Safety into two new offices to provide the resources, guidance, and oversight necessary to fulfill the health and safety needs of a world-class university.  

Additionally, the University has established a Safety Leadership Council (SLC) to develop and evaluate initiatives that improve the overall safety climate at Northeastern.


What is the role of each group? 

  • The Office of Academic Research (OARS) is primarily responsible for laboratory safety, both research and academic, including oversight and training related to the University’s chemical, biological, and radiation safety programs.  
  • The Environmental Compliance and Occupational Safety (ECOS) office, embedded with Facilities, is responsible for occupational safety and environmental compliance associated with campus building operations/maintenance, grounds management, construction, and renovation.  
  • The Safety Leadership Council (SLC) is a representative governing body providing informed guidance, advice, and recommendations on policy, program and compliance matters related to safety to university leadership and the campus community at large. 

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