Hazardous Waste Resources for OARS and ECOS


Hazardous waste is regulated by federal, state, and local laws. For guidelines on the proper disposal of potentially hazardous materials, please refer to this informational section.

  • Labels & Forms
  • Factsheets

Fact Sheets

Hazardous material fact sheets are available for download and should be used as guidelines for chemical safety. If you have questions concerning these fact sheets or would like to see a fact sheet developed for other items, please contact OARS at oars@northeastern.edu or ECOS at ecos@northeastern.edu


Chemicals and Toxic Materials

Universal Waste

OARS and ECOS collaborate with Northeastern’s Materials and Recycling team, in partnership with other Facilities and campus staff, to divert specialty items from the waste stream. View the factsheets to learn how to dispose of these specialty items properly. For more information visit the Materials and Recycling Website.