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The Office of Academic and Research Safety, OARS, also provides guidance to the Arts, Media and Design community.

To prepare you to work with a wide range of hazardous materials, a basic understanding of the potential hazards present in various art materials and processes is essential. 

Managers of all Makerspace, Studio, Shops and Design Labs are required to maintain their chemical inventories in ChemTracker, the University’s chemical inventory system. Please contact the OARS Lab Safety Team to create a profile to host this inventory.

NOTE: The Arts Safety program here at Northeastern University is still under development.

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Contact NUPD via your SafeZone APP or 617-373-3333 for Medical, Fire or Material Spill Emergencies (Boston Campus)

Training Requirements

I am working with hand and/or power tools in a Studio/Shop/Makerspace. Which training program is required? 

  • If you work with hand and power tools in Northeastern makerspaces, shops or design labs, you are required to completed our Shop Safety course hosted in the BioRAFT platform.
  • Anyone with a NU ID can log into the BIoRAFT platform to access the course.

I work with chemicals such as oil paints, paint thinners, solvents, or other hazardous materials. Which training program is required? 

  • If you work with hazardous chemicals, including paints, solvents, glues or other materials, then you must complete the Hazard Communication course hosted in the BioRAFT platform.
  • This is a requirement under the OSHA Hazard Communication standard for everyone working with chemicals outside of wet laboratories (such labs have their own separate standard and requirements).
  • Anyone with a NU ID and email can access this platform.

Hands-on Training from Design, Studio and Makerspace managers are required for all hazardous materials, tools and machines specific to that area.

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